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History-Idanattu Sree Indalayappaswami Temple


Kurichi Idanattu Shree Indalayappa Swamy temple is a blessed sanctuary where the main prathishta is Shree Parameshwaran [Lord Shiva] in his ‘Kiraatha-Moorthy’ form, which is the expression of the Parabrahma Swaroopa present in all the living beings and matter, as the destroyer of enemies and matter, as the destroyer of enemies and evil forces. He showers blooms and blessings upon devotees. The Chaithanya of Sabarimala Sree Dharma Sastha also is infused in the moola-bimbam.There is no other prathishta similar to this in India.

The name ‘Indalayappa’ means ‘The God who removes sorrows and ego’ from worshipping devotees.’Indal’ means sorrows and arrogance.’Ila’means to remove or destroy. ‘Appan’ is word of respect to the deity, reffering to Lord Shiva.

In the Mahabharatha epic, Arjuna went to performed penance (tapas) in the Himalayan forest, to get blessings and divine weapons from Lord Shiva. During that time Lord Shiva appeared in the form of a forest dweller (Kattaalan or Kiraathan) or hunter. Arjuna had a fight with that wild hunter, in which the Pandava hero was utterly defeated, and fell down on the ground. Sitting on the ground Arjuna made a Siva-linga in the soil and worshipped Shree Mahadeva.As he showered leaves upon Siva-linga as archana, each leaf was transformed into beautiful flower, and fell upon the head of the hunter .Arjuna was filled with wonder and amazement. Immediately he understood that the hunter was indeed Lord Siva. Being pleased by his penance Lord Siva blessed Arjuna and gave him the divine weapon’Paashupatham’ arrow.

This ‘Kiraatha-Moorthy expression of Lord Siva or Shree Mahadevan,who blesses his devotees and grants boons to them, as well as destroys evil forces, is the main Prathishta of this temple.


Formerly the area where this temple is situated had been a jungle. One day some people, who went to the jungle in search of medicinal herbs, saw an old man sitting on a rock. They approached the old man and asked:” Who are you? How did you come here?”

Then the old man replied: “I have been living here since a long time .I haven’t eaten food since a long period. Please give me some food.“I have been living here since a long time. I haven’t eaten food since a long period. Please give me some food.”

Those people had ‘Vara-Podi’- powdered fried rice-with them, which they gave to the old man. After eating it, he disappeared. Those people were frightened. They informed the local ruler Naikkar about this. The jungle was cut and cleared under his supervision, when the ruins of an ancient temple were found there. An astrologer who examined the site informed that there is the presence of Lord Siva in the form of ‘Kiraatha-Moorthi’ at that site. He instructed that sathvik poojas must be performed and the main nivedhyam must be ‘Vara-podi’.

So poojas are performed by a Brahmin from the nearby Perumpozhippurathu Illam.He was entrusted the duty of performing daily poojas. Renovation of the ancient temple was carried out under the supervision of the local ruler. The Responsibility of looking after the affairs of the temple was at first entrusted to the pullamplayil family, who later handed over the ownership of the temple to Perumpozhippurathu Illam,whose members were performing poojas in the temple. Since then the administration of the temple has been done by the members of this illam and poojas are performed by them.

For the progress of the temple, ’Indalayappa Seva sanghom’ was formed with participation of devotees

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